Thursday, February 3, 2011

AWP 2011

Word Works bought a booth #420 and here's what it looked like before we unloaded the boxes.
Here is the set up crew:
President Nancy White
Book Manager Brian Marx
Board Chairperson Karren Alenier
Brad Richard, 2010 Winner of the Washingotn Prize

Table after setup !!!

Participants in the Washington Prize Celebration Reading:
Back Row: Brad Richard, Jay Rogoff, Peter Blair
Front Row: Fred Marchant, Nathalie Anderson, Enid Shomer

All of our Washington Prize winners came from long distances, including Boston, Saratoga Springs, New Orleans, Florida, Philadelphia, South Carolina. This year travel was hard because of bad weather but we had a fabulous reading and crowd of about 60 people. Then we went out to dinner to continue the celebration! 

Come to Booth 420 on Saturday to meet them. AWP Bookfair is free & open to the public Feb 5. 
10 am - 4 pm.