Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All in the Family

So much for August being a slow month when nothing happens!

Kwame Alexander brought poets published in Family Pictures: Poems and Photographs Celebrating Our Loved Ones to Cafe Muse and the place was jumping with an audience of 30 plus.
Readers included Roberta Beary (noted for her award-winning haikus), Maritza Rivera Cohen (former impresario of the Mariposa Poetry Series), and Deana Nikaido (a Baltimore poet). The book is a beauty with photographs and contributions from such other poets as Grace Cavalieri and Barbara Crooker who Word Works audience heard from recently in our Cafe Muse and Miller Cabin forums.

The evening was also special because it was Katherine Young's last time as host. She is moving on to an MFA program at the University of Maryland. Our new co-hosts Adele Steiner and Marie Pavelicek-Wehrli were present and working to make the August program seamless. In fact, Katherine, Adele and Marie met before the usual dinner at the Meiwah to discuss the transfer of duties. Also working behind the scenes is Hailey Leithauser.

Next program is September 15 (make a note of this since this is not our usual first Monday of the month time slot) when we will have Sandra Beasley and Jon Pineda.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Miller Cabin Poet Diane Lockward on Poetry Daily

Greg McBride has alerted us that:

"Seventh-Grade Science Project," by Diane Lockward was on Poetry Daily August 1, 2008

Note that Cafe Muse, Miller Cabin, and Innisfree poet Diane Lockward is featured on Poetry
Daily today.
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