Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miller Poetry Series Wrap Up

Word Works had a successful partnership with the National Park Service as we teamed up to present eight programs from June 9 to July 28 in the Rock Creek Nature Center planetarium in Washington DC. We had a great mix of familiar audience and newcomers. Here are some images from the July programs and a poem written by Rhonda Williford who attended every program!


The Word Works Graces
have tipped the bowl
of the night sky free

of humidity, light pollution --
to expotential stars,
skim of Milky Way creamed.

The Lyra held upright to strum
sound bright to twin the lights --
too various to connect all dots --

intimate as a lost love,
extraterrestial as the setting,
neither desert or the whale

neglected.  The poets drew
the pictures -- and the pictures
sang.  We sat under

the constellations, grateful
for the created
community of words.

--Rhonda Williford

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