Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finale at Miller Cabin

This season at Joaquin Miller's Cabin was exceptionally stellar—7 out of 8 programs were in the park (meaning we weren't rained out), audience attendance was consistently good (20 to 40 people per program), readers as was always the tradition over the 30 plus years were memorable if not standouts, and our co-directors Kathi Morrison-Taylor, Doug Wilkinson, and Rosemary Winslow as well as our Jacklyn Potter Young Poets Director Perry Epes provided the kind of engaged and hospitable support that makes people want to come back.

I believe we have a winning team in Kathi, Doug, and Rosemary.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the 2007 Miller Cabin Poetry Series. A special thanks to Mrs. Paul Grayson for catering the reception on June 19 and to all of you who made contributions in Jacklyn Potter's name.

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