Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Miller Cabin Readings

When Kathi Morrison-Taylor says, "Let us join together to welcome," I am transported into the history of all the evenings lit with fireflies, candles, flashlights, and the poetry of illuminated artists who have traveled to this cathedral of trees towering over the modest log cabin originally built by Joaquin Miller.

This year we celebrate and remember poets intimately connected with the Miller Cabin: Jacklyn Potter, Robert Sargent, and Hilary Tham.
Cabin cake
baked by
Lois McBride

Miles Moore holds up The Tao of Mrs. Wei by Hilary Tham when he paid to tribute to her at the July 19, 2007 program which included
Heather Blain

and Shep Ranbom.

This year has been especially wonderful with sizeable audiences filling the picnic tables around the cabin. During the 4th of July holiday week over 30 people appeared to hear
Kay Lindsey and
Susan Bucci Mockler. To make the programs more festive, Michael Hauptschein occassionally hangs his unicorn banners.

Only three more programs left. Next week we hear Temple Cone and Barbara Lefcowitz. Joe Goldberg will read a poem by Hilary Tham. Don't miss the pleasure of the Miller Cabin Poetry Series this summer.

To quote Jacklyn Potter, "Tourjours le mot!"

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